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About Us

hotbaku.com is pleased to meet you. We’re dedicated to building a network of trust and great service. 

We mean it with uncompromising determination for customer service. 

We believe our vane of fashion will make your company popular and your business booming.

We founded in 2006, is located in GUANGDONG Province, China. 

We are a professional manufacturer and exporter of high of quality fashion bags and fashion jewelries.

Company production department, design department, sales department.

The company attaches importance to product quality and service. 

The company now has five production lines, 400 employees, more than 35,000 kinds of products.

All products sell very well in Europe and the USA, south-east Asia, mid-east and Africa, with annual sales of $ 30,000,000.

hotbaku.com is one of China's fashion bags and fashion jewelries B2C e-commerce sites, offering over 35,000 items across nearly 30 categories. 

When you buy from hotbaku.com, you will pay 10-70% less than other websites. As part of our commitment to quality customer service, we promise to respond to your inquiries within six hours.

1. Best Price
Shop with us and pay 10-70% less than on any other website (including eBay). If you happen to find the same product at a lower price on a competing website, please inform us in the hotbaku.com online chat and we will resolve to match it.

2. Wide Product Range
hotbaku.com has more than 35,000 products across almost 30 categories from bags and jewelry and clothings to sun glasses and watches. hotbaku.com is always developing and adding products to our website to meet your demands.

3.Cheap Shipping
All orders at hotbaku.com will be shipped via express at cheap cost to you. hotbaku.com is continually optimizing the shipping process to decrease the cost and time needed for customers to receive their orders.

4. Assured Quality

hotbaku.com is dedicated to providing quality products to our customers. All products go through three quality control processes at our warehouse before they are shipped.

5. World-Class Customer Service

At hotbaku.com, we have a large team of highly trained customer service experts ready to answer your questions. They can be reached through email, live chat, or Facebook or Twitter account. It doesn't matter how you get in touch with hotbaku.com, you are guaranteed a response within six hours.

6. Business Expansion Services

Selling products on eBay or Amazon and don't have the space for stock hotbaku.com can be your trusted product sourcing ,

Sign up, place an order and discover why hotbaku.com is the chosen e-commerce website by more than 500,000 customers across 200 countries.